Dorcas disappointed with budget cuts in development cooperation 

The newly formed Dutch government presented the coalition agreement which show significant budgetary cuts within development cooperation. The overall budget will be cut by 2.4 billion euros annually. This means a reduction of no less than 30 per cent of the current development cooperation budget. 

This decision will make it more difficult to support people in need. Dorcas is therefore disappointed in the result of the negotiations between the new government parties. A large portion of the budget has already been laid down in various multilateral treaties, leaving much less financial means for the work of organisations such as Dorcas. 

This disappointing news does not mean that we will give up. Together, we work hard to continuously support those in need. 

“The challenges faced by people in need demand more international cooperation, not less. The severe cuts by the Dutch government directly affect people living in very difficult circumstances. Fortunately, we are supported by a large and active group of supporters, donors, sponsors, and volunteers. It is mainly thanks to them that we can continue our work.” 

Agnes Kroese, CEO

16 May 2024

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