Dorcas Assists Refugees Coming to Europe


Dorcas Aid International has started an emergency response effort to the growing refugee crisis in Eastern Europe. More than 50,000 people have passed through Greece into Macedonia on their way to the European Union and this number continues to grow daily. Dorcas is working in the Macedonian border town of Gevgleija, which is about 50 miles north of Thessaloniki, Greece.

An average of 2000 refugees as day cross the border between Greece and Macedonia. They have traveled many hundreds of miles and are hungry and exhausted. Most of the refugees have fled the war in Syria, but also refugees from Iraq, AfganistanĀ and other countries are among those trying to reach a safe haven in Europe.

Dorcas is providing food and hygiene parcels to families entering a transit center on the Greece-Macedonia border. The most vulnerable group is families with children. The parcels include items like bread, cheese, peanuts, bananas, biscuits, water and wet wipes. They will be distibuted to the women/mothers after they enter the transit center and are registered. In total 6300 families will be reached by this project.

05 September 2015

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