Disaster relief in Nepal

IMG_3755Together with the other members of the Dutch Christian Disaster Relief Cluster, Dorcas is offering relief in Nepal after the earthquake that struck the country on 25 April. The relief programme includes the provision of food, medical care, hygiene, water and shelter. To date, the Relief Cluster has received more than 500 thousand euros in donations and funds.

Immediate help

A team of Relief Cluster representatives travelled to Nepal, shortly after the earthquake, to determine where help is most needed and what the long-term needs are. Working with the local partner organisation Mission East, four thousand people in four villages north of Kathmandu received immediate help including tents, water and hygiene supplies. Five more villages will receive aid over the next several days.

Long-term commitment

The Relief Cluster representatives report that it is difficult to reach areas outside Kathmandu. ‘We know very little about the situation beyond Kathmandu,’ said Dorcas representative Nico Smith.  ‘We hear that people are frustrated and angry because they are not getting any help. But getting to these places is a great logistical challenge and most materials need to be flown in before they can be transported over the often damaged roads.’  Shifting from immediate relief to long-term commitment, the Relief Cluster plans to rebuild 250.000 houses in remote areas.

08 May 2015

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