Cyclone relief aid in Mozambique

Two weeks ago, cyclone Idai raged across Mozambique. The chaos is indescribable and the situation it far from over. Many have been hungry for weeks. People are literally fighting for bread and there is a lack of drinking water. “The first week after the cyclone, many had to choose between dying or potentially getting a serious illness from drinking out of dirty mud pools,” according to Dorcas employee Lysanne, who visited the area.

Quick respond
Dorcas was able to respond quickly because we were already working in the region. Our local office was damaged but fortunately it is still useable. Our focus is on the Nhmatanda region, which is near our office in Chimoio. Approximately 300,000 people are affected in the area.

Our help
We are distributing canvas for shelter and water filters to give people access to clean water. This is important since potential outbreaks of cholera and other waterborne diseases are seriously threatening the population. Each water filter provides clean water for three families. On top of that Dorcas provides blankets, hygiene kits and food in shelters (such as church buildings and schools).

We are collaborating with other organisations to help as many people as we can, as quickly as possible. Our local partners are able reach the people who are most affected quickly. In the Netherlands we are running a campaign with EO Metterdaad, Red een Kind, Rear, Woord en Daad and Zoa to get people involved and raise funds.

22 March 2019

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