CNC starts a campaign to help corona virus victims

CNC, a Dutch Christian relief alliance that consists of Dorcas, EO Metterdaad, Red een Kind, Tearfund, Woord en Daad and ZOA, started a campaign to provide relief in countries that suffer greatly from the pandemic. The alliance calls for people to stand with those who are vulnerable, all over the world. 

Recently, the situation has grown much worse in India and Nepal. Many are getting infected, there is major pressure on the health care system, and there are shortages: from hospital beds to crematoria. The situation is inhumane and people are desperate. They are begging for help. 

While the situation appears to be improving in the Netherlands and other western countries, CNC is reminding us not to forget those who are suffering at this very moment. Anki van Bruggen, CNC spokesperson says: ‘our colleagues in India are begging for help. Nearly everyone is losing loved ones because there is a lack of medical care. Entire families are in lockdown without food. These people are becoming more and more vulnerable. They are asking us to help them and to pray for India.’

CNC is helping the most vulnerable in India, and other countries where the participating organisations work. Activities include:

  • information about prevention and how to protect oneself
  • protection through clean water, face masks and quarantine centers
  • food, medical care, psychosocial aid and oxygen tanks. 

This campaign is a call to stand together and donate so that we can fight corona virus together.

21 May 2021

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