Christian Relief Alliance helps El Niño victims

Large parts in Africa are on the veDSC06763-300x225rge of a humanitarian disaster because of a severe drought. Millions of people are hungry and there is a huge shortage of water that is causing harvests to fail and cattle to die. People desperately need help. The Christian Relief Alliance, consisting of Dorcas, Red een Kind, Tear, Woord en Daad and ZOA, is taking action to help those who are affected.

The members of the alliance were already working in the affected areas and have initiated additional programmes to help local inhabitants deal with the dramatic effects of the drought. The cluster is currently working in Ethiopia, Malawi, Uganda, Sudan and South Africa, focusing on providing food and medical care the most vulnerable groups, such as the elderly, the chronically ill, and families with young children. Together with our partners we are working on structural solutions for this reoccurring problem. Water reservoirs and water point are added or repaired.

El Niño
The drought and the looming famine in Africa do not occur randomly. An exceptionally strong El Niño causes the drought in Africa to be more extreme than normally. This is the worst drought in decades.

09 February 2016

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