Blue Bucket Campaign in Moldova

The main objective of the blue bucket campaign is to rally local communities, churches, non-governmental organisations and businesses, to participate in distributing blue buckets filled with food. We distribute these buckets to vulnerable members of the community, such as older people and families living on a limited income.

However, the mission of this campaign is not just to provide food to those in need, but also to create a stronger sense of community. Donating food to the campaign is not only an act of kindness, but it’s also a way of showing support to community members. We also reach out to individuals who live in remote locations.

Through this initiative and the support of our partners, the local community safety nets are being strengthened. Through this simple act of donating food, individuals and organisations are contributing to the local community’s well-being.
This year, in 2023, 3,461 buckets were already filled and distributed among people who needed it. We are continuing to distribute more buckets to support those in need. And you can join the cause!


were distributed in 2022.

were impacted by the food that was distributed.

were involved in 2022.

What's in a Blue Bucket?

A blue bucket can be filled with the non-perishable foods:

  • Oil – one liter
  • Sugar – one kilo
  • Wheat – one kilo
  • Rice – one kilo
  • Pasta – 500 grams
  • Meat – one tin
  • Fish – one tin
  • Canned vegetables (corn) – one tin
  • Biscuits – one package
  • Other sweets, cookies, spices, etc

The price of a bucket is around 300-350 mdl (15-18 euros). In most cases, we hand out the buckets well in advance of the Christmas holidays, giving individuals the opportunity to use the food to put together a Christmas meal. We make personal visits to those who are struggling with poverty. In areas where we are unable to travel ourselves, we collaborate with partners who are already familiar with the local communities. They deliver the buckets and make personal visits.


The Blue Bucket Campaign in Moldova want to give everyone who wants to partner with us the opportunity to contribute to the cause and become a part of the movement. The campaign is a proven way to help those in need, create a sense of community, and provide a platform for those willing to make a positive change in society.

Every year, more organisations collaborate with us, and together we encourage more individuals, schools, kindergartens, churches, non-governmental organisations, local authorities and companies to engage:

  • Teachers and professors are our ambassadors on behalf of the Blue Bucket Campaign by encouraging children, adolescents, and their parents to contribute.
  • Churches and non-governmental organisations encourage their members to contribute and bring in volunteers who fill the hundreds of buckets with food.
  • The local businesses are supporting us with resources and local authorities are available for collaboration.


Since the blue bucket campaign started in 2019, over 8,000 blue buckets have been filled with food and we reached people from 70 localities. What makes this initiative unique is how many people, organisations, churches, schools and volunteers are getting involved every year.

During the campaign, blue buckets line the hallways of the schools, and the children fill them with food. You can spot someone shopping for food at the supermarket with an empty bucket in their hands.

Every year, in the fall and winter, we reach those in need with a blue bucket. We go to see those who live alone in inaccessible and remote communities. The blue bucket of food and the unexpected visits are answers to the prayers of many individuals.

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