Blue Bucket Campaign in Albania

The blue bucket campaign (BBC) started as an initiative for local community mobilisation in support of older people living in poverty. Blue is the colour of Dorcas, and the bucket is a handy utensil for the receivers. The main objective of this campaign is to be able to hand out as many buckets as possible and we do this by gathering food items or cash, which is used to purchase food. We also aim to raise awareness and inform the local communities on the living conditions and challenges that older people face. Dorcas informs, increases awareness and asks people, communities, institutions or businesses to care for those who struggle to provide for themselves.

Dorcas Albania has the ambition to a new culture of empathy for others in Albania and influence the creation, strengthening and sustainability of community safety nets. That is why we invite any individual, local actor, local business or other donors (from abroad) to support the blue bucket campaign and support older people living in poverty.



were distributed in 2022.



were involved in the campaign.


travelled to Albania to support the BBC and were part of the food distribution.

What is in a blue bucket?

  • Pasta - two pieces
  • Rice - one piece
  • Oil - one bottle
  • Sugar - one kilo
  • Flour - one kilo
  • Tomato sauce- one bottle
  • Coffee - one piece
  • Washing powder - one piece
  • Sausages - one kilo
  • Cheese - one kilo
  • Biscuits - one piece


The most important partners of the campaign are schools, local businesses, local institutions, churches and other NGOs. They organise among themselves to collect food or cash for the campaign. Some of the partners play a role in filling in the buckets and distributing them to the older people. This is the best part of the campaign, because the donors get the chance to spend some time the older people, see the conditions in which they live and understand the importance of the campaign. This is also the favourite part for the older people, they very much enjoy the company.
Some institutions and NGOs are involved in raising awareness for the campaign. The local and national media has been a great partner in spreading the news and informing people on how and what they can donate.


We started the blue bucket campaign during the pandemic and were therefore not expecting it would be a great success. We were very positively surprised by the outcome of the campaign!

Dorcas Albania became better known in the area and people started to recognise the organisation by the blue bucket. We have been able to inform a huge number of people on the reality of the living conditions of older people in Albania and mobilise a lot of support for them. The BBC has also been a great catalyser in our efforts to build community safety nets.

Contact Dorcas Albania

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