Bahar: ‘I stand up for women’s inclusion’ 

Bahar is a project participant of Dorcas Iraq.  

Bahar: ‘The most pressing need for women in our community is empowerment and gender equality. Women in our community face many challenges, including limited access to education, economic opportunities and lack of decision-making power. They are often marginalised, and their voices are not heard.’

‘The Dorcas programme has played a crucial role in addressing these needs by promoting women’s inclusion, providing education and vocational training, supporting women-led businesses and advocating for their rights. Our community still needs continued support for women’s empowerment, including promoting leadership, ensuring equal opportunities and challenging societal norms that perpetuate gender inequality. This needs to be addressed on an ongoing basis.’

‘My hope for the future is that gender equality will be achieved. I would like to see women empowered and safe, with access to education and economic opportunities, so that they can flourish.’

05 March 2024

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