Aid for Mosul Refugees

The Iraqi army and several militias have started a military operation against IS. The fighting put the people living in the area in danger. Christelijk Noodhulpcluster members – Dorcas, Tear, Red een Kind, Woord en Daad and Zoa – have initiated a campaign for the people who will have to flee the city.

Around 50,000 people have fled the city since the operation started and the number of refugees increases every day. Men, women and children are in great danger during their escape from the city; the area is full of booby traps, mines and IS fighters. The UN expects that around 700,000 people in the area will need aid. The Christelijk Noodhulpcluster members are providing with food, shelter, medical aid and psychological aid.

Two years ago, Mosul was captured by IS. It is estimated that there are still 1.5-2 million people in the city. In addition to providing emergency aid, we hope to continue to work with the people when the emergency situation is over. Together, we want to empower the people to rebuild their land and their future.


11 November 2016

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