Adopt A Granny In Tanzania Changes Lives

Tanzania is a wonderful country with beautiful nature and massive safari parks. However, in the midsts of all this beauty there is a lot of pain, insecurity, sorrow and hopelessness. I was able to visit Akundaeli and his wife, who are part of the Adopt a Granny project.

As we arrived, I saw a simple brick house, a well-kept garden, a goat shed and children playing in the yard. The elderly couple received us warmly and proudly showed me around. It was fantastic to hear from the local Dorcas team how Akundaeli proactively got to work with what he had received! The couple now owns more than ten goats and, together with neighbors, they built a shed for their animals.

Akundaeli and his wife grow several kinds of vegetables in their yard. People in the village sell these for them on the market. The couple bought a bike with what they earned and it’s a lot easier for them to get water now. I was impressed to hear Akundaeli tell me how well they are doing now. Their children are living far away but people in the village are looking after this older couple. Akundeali and his wife are also helping others and love to share the things they have. The simple house and the two goats they received completely turned around the lives of these wonderful people. They used to be in need but they have turned into people who are giving something to the community.

As we drove back, enjoying a stunning view of mount Kilimanjaro, my heart was filled with thankfulness. There is hope for grannies in Tanzania. Change is really possible!

04 January 2017

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