Addisu*: ‘I stand up for the rights of older people’

Addisu is a Granny Association Chairman in Ethiopia at the Samaritan Vision Charity Organisation. This is a partner of Dorcas Ethiopia.  

‘I stand up for older people in my country because they are often marginalised due to neglect, abuse and exploitation by society. Older people face many challenges, for example: accessing health care, social services and legal protection. In my experience, they often lack information, resources and also the confidence to speak up for their interests and needs. It is not uncommon for older people in Ethiopia to be denied the right to make decisions about their finances, property and even sometimes what they eat due to abuses and violence occurred in their own homes.’

‘By advocating for older people, we can support them to achieve a better quality of life, dignity, and respect. We can learn from their wisdom and experience and appreciate their contributions to society. As a member of the granny association, I take part in efforts to mobilise resources, raise awareness, and work with policymakers to create positive change for my fellow seniors. We also provide financial support and resources for older people and their families and empower them to stand up for their own rights.’

‘Advocacy for the rights of older people is very important. Since I am an older man myself, I believe it makes me more responsible than others to stand up for their rights.’

This story is part of Dorcas’ human rights campaign. Read more stories and statements on our dedicated human rights page. Human Rights – Dorcas

*Not his real name. At the participants request, we have used a pseudonym for this contribution.   

03 December 2023

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