Climate Resilience Research Consultant > 5 – 26 July

The consultancy period spans from July 5 to July 26 2024 with a total allocation of 4-5 days.


Dorcas is an international NGO that works with communities in fourteen countries in the Middle East, Africa, and Eastern Europe who are impacted by poverty, exclusion, or crisis. We invest in resilient communities in which everyone can participate. In our work we are accountable, compassionate, determined and locally led.

Dorcas is organising a one day virtual workshop focusing on climate resilience and sustainable development in Eastern Europe (specifically in Albania, Romania, Moldova and Ukraine).

To prepare for and effectively conduct the workshop, a benchmark research is required to analyse the climate-related projects and track records of each country office. The purpose is to identify gaps and challenges related to climate change in projects currently implemented by Dorcas in the various countries; as well as trends and context of climate change in these countries and funding patterns that offer opportunities for potential projects. The consultant’s findings will provide valuable insights on enhancing climate resilience and guide our future programming. The findings will serve as a foundation for country teams to dive deep into this topic. Based on the consultants benchmark each country office needs to be able to craft a strategic vision on climate programming.


The primary objective of the consultancy is to analyse the current climate-related track records of each country office, identifying gaps, challenges, and benchmark these with opportunities and trends from the climate sector.

Specific objectives for each country include the following:

  • Analyse and assess the climate-related track records of Dorcas’s country offices in Eastern Europe.
  • Contextualise climate change and its impacts in Eastern Europe.
  • Evaluate funding trends and sector patterns related to climate initiatives.
  • Provide actionable recommendations for enhancing climate resilience programming and identifying new areas for investment.
  • Identify gaps in each country’s current portfolio of climate projects, offering insights on how existing projects can be improved.
  • Explore opportunities within the broader industry in each country and provide strategies for leveraging these opportunities for Dorcas.

Key Deliverables

The consultant will deliver the following key deliverables.

  1. A comprehensive report providing a detailed analysis of the climate projects in each country, including:
  • A summary of current Dorcas climate projects and link to context to Eastern Europe.
  • Identification of gaps, challenges, opportunities and trends.
  • Evaluation of climate funding patterns.
  • Recommendations for enhancing climate resilience and identifying new areas for investment.
  • Identification of opportunities in each country for future climate projects, along with suggestions for improving the gaps in existing projects.
  • Exploration of opportunities within the broader industry in each country and recommendations for Dorcas to leverage these opportunities.

2. A set of presentation slides summarising key findings, challenges, recommendations, identified gaps, and industry-exploitation strategies.

3. Active participation in scheduled one-day online session to present findings and facilitate discussions on climate resilience.

Qualifications and Experience

The ideal consultant will have the following qualifications and experience:

  • Master’s degree in a relevant field (climate change and sustainability, environmental science, development studies, international development).
  • 8+ years of experience conducting data collection and analysis for climate change and sustainable development projects.
  • Experience with a variety of data collection methods, including literature reviews, data mining, and stakeholder interviews.
  • Proven experience in climate change and sustainable development, with a deep understanding of climate-related projects and their impact on communities.
  • Extensive knowledge of climate change issues, including adaptation, mitigation, and resilience.
  • Familiarity with various climate change-related topics, including agriculture, water resources, energy, and ecosystems.
  • Extensive knowledge of Eastern Europe, including the diverse climate challenges and opportunities.
  • Strong communication and presentation skills to effectively convey insights and recommendations.
  • Familiarity with the donor and funding landscape.
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team.
  • Fluency in English.


Consultants are invited to submit their proposals with quotations reflecting their qualifications, experience, and proposed methodology.

Submission Instructions

Interested consultants should submit a comprehensive proposal by 3rd July 2024 to Daniella Maroma at
The proposal should include:

  • A detailed description of the consultant’s proposed methodology
  • A timeline for completing the assignment
  • CV of the consultant’s or team’s relevant experience
  • A list and brief description of previous similar projects
  • A quotation for the consultancy services

Shortlisted candidates will be invited for an interview to discuss their proposal in more detail.

Thank you for your interest in supporting Dorcas’s climate resilience and sustainable development initiatives.